Blockchain For
Empowered Businesses


Blockchain For Empowered Businesses

A Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger stored on multiple storage ‘nodes’ across a network. It saves data in linked blocks, each of which includes information about the one before it. The alteration of any block, therefore, is recorded by the whole chain. In addition, saving the ledger across an entire network means that no central authority is necessary or required.

With each node capable of verifying the data, total transparency and immutability of records is not merely assured, it is built-in. In effect, Blockchain technology enables unprecedented efficiency, reliability, speed, security and scalability in storing and using data.

Why is this revolutionary?

Complex decisions, which involve many variables and huge scales, are only possible with total transparency and trust. In the past, ensuring this trustworthiness relied on the individuals and organizations gathering and interpreting the data.

Blockchain technology completely side-steps these and many more limitations in how we leverage data. It’s no wonder therefore, that early adopters are reporting a much more robust and empowered model of data-driven business operations. Let’s look at what challenges businesses face in saving and leveraging data.

For instance, a data-driven business model needs to overcome the limitations imposed by teams operating in silos, as well as taking into account inputs from third parties. Meanwhile, a new generation of customers likes the convenience and speed of digital platforms, but has concerns regarding comprises on privacy. Meanwhile, the use of machine learning in malware and ransomware is leading to an escalating arms race, to ensure uncorrupted data.

The extraordinary possibilities unlocked by Blockchain

While several emerging applications are being seen as bright prospects for the future, existing solutions that have incorporated Blockchain include:

  • DeFi or Decentralized Finance is the peer-to-peer finance that has emerged in the post Blockchain world. It is creating unprecedented opportunities in the MSME sector.
  • Blockchain-Based Healthcare has led to more secure management of patient data, and ensured total transparency of supply chains for assured authenticity of drugs, implants etc.
  • The Government and Public Sector can now offer citizens greater accountability and efficiency, at dramatically reduced costs.
  • The Insurance Industry is implementing much more transparent claim assessments with easy and secure verification and processing.
  • Luxury Retail & Fashion brands are ensuring verifiable authenticity in both their supply chains, as well as in response to the rise of counterfeits.
  • Real Estate Markets are expanding into untapped investor segments due to the fractional ownership enabled by Blockchain technology, as well as the significantly reduced risk.
  • Supply Chain Management is being revisited in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Blockchain enables accurate tracking and transparency, as well as more robust contracts between the involved parties.
  • Banking & Financial Instruments - across the board - are fundamentally transformed by Blockchain, due to the trust created between all stakeholders. As a secondary effect, this leads to much lower cost of capital and better risk management, hence increased liquidity in markets.

The opportunities for evolution are endless

As a Blockchain-As-A-Service (BAAS) platform Qila helps your business adopt Blockchain and crypto technologies to secure your business needs by minting non-fungible tokens, for real-world physical or digital assets, on a private Blockchain network.

Our ARK and ARK+ platforms offer easy and hassle-free Blockchain onboarding. Our PrivaSea wallet is an unimpeachable source of authenticated data, while our GoTrust App can help customers save all their critical data and information in a certifiable and trustworthy NFT format, in a single wallet.

In this brave new world of endless possibilities, let Qila help your business unlock the next level of growth, using Blockchain.

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