Sid and Vishal went from being schoolmates to cofounders for the first time in 2005, by creating Smart Wireless Pvt Ltd with Zee as co-investors. Smart Wireless was a mobile messaging company that allowed enterprises to send Application to Peer SMS messages, to users across the globe. Pretty cool right? No? Well in 2005 it was! In fact, at the time they were pioneers in a nascent technology. Having built the company up from 2000 to 500 million messages a month, they sold Smart Wireless Pvt Ltd to Croatian investors, Infobip. Their second innings as cofounders was as SmartCirqls – a company that created big data solutions in partnership with a globally leading platform. In a short time, they managed to make SmartCirqls a highly reputed brand across India, North America and East Asia. In 2020, Sid and Vishal sold SmartCirqls to a global system integrator. This series of successes brings us to QILA – Sid and Vishal’s biggest, and most game changing solution yet! Now that you’re here, be sure to check out our solutions and offerings. Let QILA take you to the front of the queue, in the global tokenization revolution!


Created India’s First OTT platform

Founded India's first CPASS platform

Successfully Co-Created
a Big Data Licensing and
Solution Building practice

Siddharth Ugrankar

"Data is the Protein of Technology"
Sid continues to push boundaries when its about data. No data is too big for Sid, and every byte of data contains information of value. It's just how you look at it. Sid spends his day evangelizing Big Data concepts and the technologies that power them. He is also an avid CrossFitter, pushing boundaries in physical well being.

Vishal Malhotra

Vishal has been an instrumental innovator in the pre-convergence era in India. From the setup of the SMS Short Code '57575', to mobile gaming aggregation, Vishal has seen it all! With his foresight and rich experience as a business leader in digital ecosystems, he has always been on the lookout for the elusive but invaluable data-driven approach.

“And Finally, we come to Qila. The genesis of Qila was to provide secure identity storage using Blockchain Technology. Through the pandemic, Sid and Vishal tried to figure out a viable commercial model for the solution they were building. Finding their and our true calling in mid-2022 and building enterprise blockchain as a service platform in”

Qila has created the perfect options for your business to seamlessly onboard tokenization, as well as more advanced integration with dedicated resources.

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