How do supply chains benefit from blockchain?

Track goods from shipping to delivery.

With blockchain, you can facilitate tracking, automated cargo release, and trusted interaction with the banks providing trade finance. All this without involving any third parties.

Ensure accountability and prevent losses

Blockchain helps you find goods located across the world and set up a transparent system for goods to be delivered and payments to be received that cannot be manipulated in a singular ecosystem.

Hassle-free documentation

With transparent blockchain-based digital document management and exchange platform where all the logistics stakeholders can collaborate in real-time for customs clearance, international trade facilitation, cargo handling at seaports, as well as information and registration systems for freight operations and vehicles.

Seamless inventory visibility

Blockchain platforms enable enterprises with suppliers, channel partners, banks, and contract manufacturers to coordinate work order progress without any inconveniences.

Use Cases

Who is using Blockchain for their business enterprise?

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