How do your healthcare services benefit from blockchain?

Track fraudulent activities in pharmaceutical distribution

Blockchain can track all touchpoints in the drug’s movement, leaving no scope for tampering. This solution spans all the participants from the manufacturer to the point of sale

Improve Customer Experience.

With blockchain as a part of your operational structure, you can drive up customer care efficiency by ensuring older patients or patients suffering a prolonged illness don’t have to keep showing their records at every checkpoint. The challenges of security and privacy across diverse data repositories are solved by a distributed ledger providing an index that stores patient visit and interaction events with a location for the actual health records maintained by various providers.

Collaborate with Ease

Blockchain helps create an accurate infrastructure to share data between patients, hospitals, and insurance companies. This data is readily available on a shared IT infrastructure and is immune to being changed or manipulated.

Increase the speed of testing

Blockchain allows test venues, manufacturers, and government agencies to share real-time result reporting while protecting the integrity of data and identities.

Use Cases

Who is using Blockchain for their business enterprise?

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