How does Government benefit from blockchain?

Improve tax compliance

A blockchain-based replacement for an inefficient and fraud-attracting export licensing process and excise tax collection, reduces fraud and improves compliance with excise taxes

Increase Trust

Blockchain helps track evidence chain of custody i.e. voting records, financial information, property information, and more are stored without manipulation. Thus helping citizens feel a sense of security in the data maintained by them and the government is accurate.

Reduce corruption

With Blockchain you can create traceable ledgers for every person responsible. Thus creating transparency in audits and helping auditors track corruption or misuse of funds with ease.

Trim the wastage

Blockchain removes the scope for human error by providing automated solutions thus ensuring less manual administrative oversight and making it cost-effective. It also ensures effective compliance with contractual terms and obligations, which are encoded directly in the system, improving efficiency, reducing cost and fraud in cross-border trade

Use Cases

Who is using Blockchain for their business enterprise?

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