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Setting up and managing a Blockchain Network can be difficult. But, you can use Ark to simplify the process. Ark is specifically designed for businesses and has features that make it easy to use for an enterprise. It allows multiple customers to use the same resources, which saves time and money. By choosing Ark, customers can begin their blockchain journey within seconds.


Dedicated Channel Allocation

Each customer will have their own channel in a shared network, where their Ledger data will be stored using smart contracts. This follows the principles of Blockchain, such as consensus algorithm, Immutability, Distributed Ledger, and Permission-based network.

Enterprise Grade Cloud Infrastructure

The network elements will be hosted on multi zonal multi geographical network architecture on some of the leading cloud providers.

Smart Contract as a Service

With this customers can deploy their Smart Contracts, which are executed automatically when certain conditions are met, and the resulting data is stored in distributed ledgers. Smart contracts reduce the need for human intervention and third-party verification, ensuring that the terms of a contract are met. Customers can use REST API to interact with their deployed Smart Contracts on the Channel. This will allow them to write and read transactions on the blockchain network, without the need for human intervention or third-party verification.

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