Ark Plus | Dedicated Blockchain Network As A Service


Ark Plus is designed to assist enterprises in transitioning to a dedicated blockchain service. Customers can upgrade their service from Arc to Arc Plus using the same portal, and enjoy dedicated network service. While blockchain data structure is already secure, customers can further enhance their security by moving from a shared multi-tenanted setup to a dedicated network with Ark Plus.


Dedicated Network Elements

Customers will be provided a network wherein they can have their own set of orderers and peers to create a channel and deploy Smart Contract (Chaincode).

Customizable Configuration

This multi-layered feature will allow enterprises to choose the number of orderers and peers they wish to add to their network and also the types of instances to support those peers.

Dedicated Data Storage

Customer’s data written in the ledger will have its own storage elements. Copies of the Smart Contracts will reside on peers.


All the components of Arc Plus are driven through containerisation. This will save time when the customer has to move their data and system components.

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